So, yeah. I was high, and I’m still trying to get back down.

Last October 24, Big Bang was here for their very first concert in the Philippines. The news alone a few months earlier was enough to make thousands of fangirls and fanboys weep with joy. I mean, when you live in the Philippines and you’re obsessed with a Korean idol group, the only way to get to see them perform live is to haul ass to South Korea or Japan or other countries where they frequently hold shows and concerts. Despite PSY’s Gangnam Style invasion, K-Pop still enjoys just a cult following in the Philippines, and few concert organizers are willing to invest in concerts of Korean acts.

Singapore was my go-to k-pop destination. All I needed was my passport, a cheap airline ticket bought months in advance, and the kindness of my friend Diane in Singapore who let’s me stay with her when I’m in town. I’ve been to K-Pop Night in 2010, and Korean Music Wave in 2011. Both shows featured multiple k-pop acts like SNSD and F.T. Island (another favorite!), and both had Big Bang as headliners.

But a Big Bang concert! I knew that would be a whole new different kind of awesome. Two full hours of nothing but my boys and their music. I have no idea what possessed Papa YG to decide Big Bang was going to do their first world tour this year, but I’m not complaining! Read the rest of this entry »