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Author (also friend and business partner) Mina V. Esguerra just released the third book in her Interim Goddess of Love series. It’s titled Icon of the Indecisive and it’s now out on as an eBook (the print version will be available soon). Hope y’all like the cover I made for it. Just like in the covers of the two previous books, this one features photography by style blogger Rhea Bue (who’s also the girl in the photos).

If you’re interested in knowing a bit about how those covers came to be, and my, uh, design process, there’s an interview of me on Mina’s blog.


How do you come up with your cover concepts? 
After I read the book, I try to figure out the theme of the story. Then I’ll remember scenes that are significant and try to picture each of them as a book cover. I also think of the protagonist and think of a photo of her that best illustrates her state of mind of her emotional state during some point in the story. I try to work from all of these.

How long did it take you to come up with the covers? 
It took me either weeks or hours, depending on how you look at it. I start conceptualizing after reading the book, then when the photos come in, I visualize what I can do with them. The work on Photoshop takes an hour or two. I play around with fonts, photos, layout. I look at each design draft and ask myself questions like “Is this an honest portrayal of the story?” “Will this cover appeal to someone who will enjoy the book?” “Will this look good both on a paperback and as a thumbnail when it shows up on an amazon search?” Stuff like that.

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Some of the best things in life are random …

The Sun Smiles ........

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Hanging Santas

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Christmas decor outside some restaurant in Makati. Sorry for the blurry, I was in a moving cab. But, yes, those are Santas hanging from a tree. Just thought it looked funny.

Still hungover from Thanksgiving. This wouldn’t have happened if I had stuck to beer, but the Jack Daniels was placed right in front of me so …

So I had to take today off. Couldn’t do anything except listen to podcasts and take a nap every half hour. Couldn’t even read, my head hurt too much.

I hope this madness ends before the freshman orientation tomorrow. I volunteered to assist, and I don’t want to get snappy if newbies ask me questions.

.. the world approves this election. Just kidding. You did good. We love you.

Dear America: Please do the right thing today. For all our sakes.

Tried waffle cheesecake ice-cream. I wish they had left out the waffle. Waffle does not belong in ice-cream. They should make a law or something.

Watching the season finale of Greek. Fracking brilliant. Hell week is hilarious, but sorority girls and rituals still creep me out– everyone in size 2 dresses, perfect generic hair, the candles, the soulless expressions. At least the kappa taus had funny robes, jewish music and fun.

Frozen yogurt with cheesecake and walnuts. At White Hat in Mall of Asia. So many frozen yogurt shops at that mall, and none in the one nearest my place. So unfair.

Well, ok, the grocery section sells BTIC in tubs, but I try to avoid buying them in tubs because i tend to finish half a gallon in two days.

It was the oddest thing. Like every kind of weird stuff that happens in dreams just came together in one montage of embarrassing awfulness. There was the suddenly-finding-yourself-naked-in-public part, the part where both your mobile phone and computer refuse to work, the part the one where the guy you like acts like the biggest jerk. Only you can’t call him up and yell at him because your phone isn’t working. Then after a while, you meet up with your old high school classmates and you find out they don’t like you anymore.

There was more, but I don’t like to depress you, gentle readers, any more than I have to.

I should’ve woken up screaming but I didn’t. I’ll just console myself with chocolate now. Later.

I’m back online after four days. Yeah, that’s right. So much stuff has been going on the past weekend — a class party, a birthday lunch, stalking Tony Bourdain, my Mom flying in from the province to stay with me — that any downtime I could get I spent catching up on my sleep.

Anyway, I’m back now, mostly to upload photos and videos of what I now call the Lost Weekend. Tomorrow, I’m putting my nose back on the grindstone and finishing all my school papers as the deadlines are looming. Wish me luck.

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