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Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe DVD

It’s here!!!

It was a blast watching the live-action Rurouni Kenshin (“Samurai X”) movie in the cinemas, but then the Metro Manila Filmfest came, so all foreign films had to stop screening in the theaters. But I’d pre-ordered the DVD which was going to be released the day after Christmas, and it just arrived yesterday.

This was my first time to order anything from I love them now. The price of the RK deluxe dvd was just about the same as the retail price marked on the box, and I got free shipping. I’m ordering the Rurouni Kenshin OST next!

Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe DVD

Love the cover.

Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe DVD

This is the deluxe DVD region 2 version. I didn’t get the blu-ray because I didn’t have a blu-ray player (yet), but I figured I could always get the BR Deluxe when it comes out with English subtitles. Yes, the Japanese first editions have no subtitles of any language. However, since I’d seen it nine times in the cinema, I’ve pretty much memorized the dialogue.

Rurouni Kenshin Deluxe DVD

The DVD comes with a 2nd disc with the director Ōtomo Keishi, star Satoh Takeru, and a couple of other guys I’m assuming are producers doing commentary on the film. The 1st disc has the movie, plus all promotional trailers and videos (TV, etc.), interiews of each main cast member, and videos of the different movie premieres attended by the cast. The videos of the premieres were fun. Of course these had no subtitles either, so I just stare at Take-chan’s pretty face.

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Rurouni Kenshin x 8

Just got back from my 8th screening of Rurouni Kenshin. See, folks, this is why I can’t get my laundry done.

(I like The Podium and all but it is the worst place to see RK. The subtitles are blocked by the heads of the people sitting in front of you.)

“Her words are those of one whose hands are still clean. She is dreaming. The sword is a weapon for killing. No fine words will change that. But I vastly prefer Ms. Kaoru’s fond dreams to that of reality.” – Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

This blog post is going to fail in so many ways. For instance, I can’t even begin to properly write about the epicness that is the Rurouni Kenshin (“Kenshin the Wanderer”) live action movie.

I’d neither seen the anime, nor read the manga. But I happened to stumble on the trailer and I thought it looked really good. Then the rumors about it screening in the Philippines began to circulate, then SM announced they were showing it in their theaters. Four days before the opening day, half the seats had already been sold for the last full show in Megamall. So I caught it on the first day. Then watched it again the day after. And then again the next day. Thus began my slow descent into madness — as of writing this, I’d already seen it seven times in the theater since it opened in the Philippines last December 5.

Himura Kenshin was the assassin known as Battosai the Killer, on a mission from his clan to help defeat the forces of the Shogun, who was trying to hold on to power against the Emperor who was, in turn, trying to bring about a unified Japan under a modern, centralized government. Kenshin embraced the distasteful work of killing, for the promise of a new age of peace and rule of law. As soon as the Boshin war was over, he gave up his sword to be a rurouni — a wanderer — going around helping people. He had no home, just a mission to find peace within himself and atone for his past sins. Ten years later, a series of murders occur, seemingly by the killer Battosai, but it is only a small part of an emerging evil in Tokyo, and pretty soon Kenshin is forced to confront his past again.

I was trying to avoid doing a list, but I’m afraid it can’t be helped. Because I’ve seen it seven times, here are seven reasons why Rurouni Kenshin is awesome:

  1. The film is beautifully shot. I know next to nothing about how Japan looked in the Meiji era, but wow, was everything pretty, and not in an art-directed way. The costumes, the sets — they all looked, well, real. From the blood-soaked battlefields to the tranquil river scenes to the sandals on the characters’ feet.Rurouni Kenshin
    And don’t get me started on villain Kanryu’s study — I want one exactly like it, but I’m afraid I’ll probably start plotting evil things once I start hanging out there. (Sadly, I couldn’t find a decent pic online.)
  2. The language is pretty. The characters speak differently from how Japanese speak in the modern day — at least if the way characters speak in modern Japanese dramas is any indication. It was almost lyrical, although not cloying.
  3. The dialogue was extremely well written. You can appreciate it even if you don’t understand Japanese and only have the English subtitles to to go by.
  4. Satoh Takeru, who plays Kenshin, is gorgeous. Do not try to slap him, you’ll cut your hand on his cheekbones. Whenever the camera focuses on Kenshin’s cross scar on his cheek, we take it as an opportunity to porn his perfect pouty lips.rurouni_kenshin2

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Some of the best things in life are random …

The Sun Smiles ........

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So Iggy nominated me for the Liebster blog survey. Thanks, gurl! The mechanics of the Liebster is this: when you get tagged, answer the questions, then come up with 11 questions that you want to be answered by the bloggers you nominate. Liebster is German for “Thank you”, by the way. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a list of some of my favorite bloggers whom I nominate for the Liebster blog survey.

It’s been a long, tiring, draining, I-just-want-to-cry kind of day. What do you do for comfort?
Eat a tub of ice-cream while watching television (preferably something with lots of gore, like Criminal Minds and Supernatural), then sleep.

(Credit: Isisrain on Fanpop.)

Name one crush that usually makes your loved ones go “Really? That guy? You like him? You sure?”
I don’t tell my people who my crushes are, only celeb crushes, and they don’t really count, haha.

I’ve been mentally dating Sean Bean since I was fifteen.

If you could be dressed by just one designer/brand, who/what would it be and why?
Forever 21. They have cute stuff, and their catalog is huge. They have outfits for any occasion, from grocery shopping to clubbing to business meetings.

Forever 21

One movie you will never ever be tired of seeing.
Mel Brook’s “History of the World, Part I”

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